Lady Audrey's R-Micelle Technology

"R-Micelle Technology"

the cosmetic industry revolutionization.

R-Micelle Technology

R-Micelle powder from rice starch is the finest among vegetable powders, approximately 8-10 µm in particle size. This natural fineness appears to be easily blended to your skin. It also leads to an exceptionally surface area of approximately 1.6 m2  for 1.0 gram of R-Micelle Rice Powder. This results in a superior oil-absorption property for daily life while giving an extraordinary soft touch to the skin.


for soft touch, ease of blendability, and superior oil-absorbency

R-Micelle Rice Powder is an aggregation of polar and non-polar surfactants(solvents), where hydrophilic groups make up the core(interior) and hydrophobic(or Lipophilic; oil-loving) groups face out the surface layer. Once sweat, which contains oil phase and water phase, perspires from the pores, oil phase would be instantly absorbed, while water phase would evaporate up into the air.

R-Micelle's hydrophilic and hydrophobic characteristics

The superior characteristics; fineness, oil-absorption and water repellency, cause R-Micelle Rice Powder to stay and last longer on the skin as R-Micelle Rice Powder wouldn’t be washed away by water. At the same time, it helps absorb excessive facial oil, which is produced throughout the day. Thus, make your skin fresh, and ready any time of your day.

Long Lasting - Ready all day